Yes, It’s true, You can install a trial version of Nero 7, But without all the useless applications bundled with it, It’s called Nero micro/lite, A custom installer for Nero made by MSFN forum members that installs only the applications you really need, There are two editions for this installer, Lite and Miro, the micro installer contains the following applications:

  • Nero Burning Rom (with VideoCD Support and MauSau Audio Plug-ins)
  • Nero Express
  • Nero CoverDesigner
  • Nero WaveEditor
  • Nero Toolkit
  • While the Micro installer contains only:

  • Nero Burning ROM (with VideoCD Support and MauSau Audio Plug-ins)
  • Nero Express
  • If you found the Micro installer enough for your needs, You might also want to try CDburnerXP that has almost all the features you need for simple CD burning, And It’s free too. 


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